Focusing on Business, Connecting with the International, and Talking about the Future Together | The 28th International Science and Technology Exhibition of Household Paper, Bangyi Joins Hands with the Industry to Talk about the Future Together



Focusing on business x and aligning with international standards

From May 26th to 28th, the 28th International Science and Technology Exhibition for Household Paper was grandly held at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Industry enterprises and professionals gathered in Jinling to discuss the industry development blueprint for the annual industry appointment. Bangyi Technology's full range of products made a grand appearance at the exhibition, exchanging and discussing with global sanitary paper brands, and aligning with international standards.

1As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nobon Corporation, Bangyi has inherited decades of professional technology and production experience from Nobon in the "spunlaced nonwoven industry". With non-woven fabrics as the carrier, it has expanded and extended its products to various fields such as "beauty baby and child care, personal care, special channel care, industrial wiping series, civilian wiping series, and special wiping".


This exhibition conveys to all sectors the concept of Bangyi focusing on product quality, details, and improving the quality of life, creating a first-class domestic dry towel manufacturing enterprise. In recent years, in the face of significant market development, fierce competition, and continuous upgrading of market consumption concepts, we have adhered to innovative technological research and development, focused on the forefront of the market, paid attention to life details, and continuously achieved innovative product applications, gaining consumer recognition.

The new products such as "hyaluronic acid facial wash", "disposable bubble dishwashing towel", and "disposable washable toilet brush" that appeared at the exhibition this time convey Bangyi's determination to start from scratch, ensure product quality with details, comprehensively enhance product competitiveness, serve customers, and serve the market.  

11The rich products, unique presentation methods, and high-quality services fully demonstrate Bangyi's professionalism and innovation in the field of disposable dry towel products, further enhancing its visibility in the industry. In the future, we will continue to seize the opportunity of industry development, continuously explore customer needs, uphold the spirit of "innovation, responsibility, and pragmatism", and continue to use efficient, breakthrough, and innovative technology research and development to lead Bangyi to continuously break through into a broader market field!