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Protective Gown

  • Commodity name: Protective Gown


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Product Introduction

Product Picture Product Name

Protective Gown

Material PP+PE
Product Spec

S(160)、 M(165)、 L(170)、 XL(175)、 XXL(180) XXXL(185) XXXXL(190)

Package Method

 Paper-plastic bag

Carton Size

80 sets/box, 58*37*44cm

MOQ 2,000
Product Usage

Epidemic control, disease prevention, and clinical medical work.


Product Feature

(1) Our imported breathable fabric provides reliable protection against viruses, penetration, and cross-infection from potentially infectious patients. It offers multiple functions such as moisture permeability, waterproofing, and anti-static properties. Safe and dependable.
(2) Our product combines waterproofing and moisture permeability, ensuring comfort, safety, and reliability.
(3) Adhesive strips cover all garment seams, enhancing protection level.
(4) Long-lasting, easy to wear and remove, convenient disposal, and environmentally friendly.




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