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Surgical Gown

  • Commodity name: Surgical Gown


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Product Introduction

Product Picture Product Name

Surgical Gown


Wood pulp spunlace nonwoven, SMS, SMMS, triple anti SMS, PP+PE

Product Spec

Model: S M L XL
Colour: Blue Green

Package Method

 Paper-plastic bag

Carton Size

80 sets/box, 58*37*44cm

MOQ 2,000
Product Usage

Type A: Basic surgical gown for medical staff, interns, or visitors with back lace-up design.
Type B: Extended gown for medical staff, instrument nurses, and surgical assistants, fully encapsulated.
Type C: Reinforced surgeon's gown with fabric reinforcements glued to the chest and sleeves, fully encapsulated.
Type D: Fully reinforced gown for high-risk operations like malignant neoplasms, infectious diseases, or serious contamination.


Product Feature

Safety: Anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil, anti-static, high barrier, blocks liquid, secretions, and bacteria.
Comfortable: Breathable, skin-friendly; self-adhesive neckline, adjustable elastic.
Quality: High-quality medical non-woven material, stable performance, no chip shedding.
Convenience: Easy to wear and remove, time-saving.
Safety: Thorough extermination, long-lasting.
Environmentally friendly: Biodegradable materials, no environmental pollution.



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