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Special Fiber Spunlace

  • Commodity name: Special Fiber Spunlace


Oil absorbent paper

Lens paper

dust-free workshop paper

Laboratory wiping paper

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Product Introduction


Product Picture Product Name Special Fiber Spunlace
Material Viscose+Polyester+Special fiber LT/ ES(White)
Product Spec 20*20*100 pcs/bag(Customized available)
Package Method Electric cutting bag/PE bag
Carton Size 35 -60gsm
MOQ Cuts/Folds
Product Usage Screen, lens, glass wiping,precision instrument production wiping,dust-free room cleaning, etc.
Product Feature Thin and soft, not easy to scratch the surface of objects. High mechanicalstrength, not easy to lint, good dustiness.Not easy to cause galvanic corrosion tothe metal surface of precision instruments



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